Altin Krchishta

Altin Krcishta is a Office Assistance Manager at Prosperity Real-Estate and Investment Services, a full-service firm that specializes in all aspects of Residential Real Estate and Investments in Philadelphia, PA.

Lexi Giraud

Lexi began her career in the real estate business 10 years ago. Since that time, she has gathered a wealth of knowledge related to buying, selling, conveying, and managing properties. She is a licensed title agent and Notary Public in Pennsylvania, and holds an A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies.

She has helped thousands of clients with their real estate needs over the years and takes great pride in the services she offers. Some of her specialized areas include, but are not limited to: clearing bad title, estate assistance, and purchasing properties for cash in “as-is” condition, etc.

Kirk Waechter

Kirks real estate career began as a top earner for a nationally known brokerage. After 12 years with them, he left and opened Prosperity Real Estate and Investment Services along with its separate divisions for title, construction, property management, and insurance.

He takes great pride in his work and cherishes the trust that his clients place in him. Buying and selling real estate is often a difficult task. He is proud of the way he navigates his clients through the challenges and obstacles this business throws at us.

His style is often described by his clients as coaching. He does not act or work like a sales person, but more as a coach and someone who is mutually invested in your transaction. He knows when to advise a client to walk away from a deal, and when, and how, to work a difficult deal out. He is an asset you should have on your side if you are buying or selling.