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Who We Are

We started Prosperity Abstract with one focus in mind: our consumer’s needs. As investors, and at one time first-time home buyers ourselves, we saw two key inadequacies in the title industry that we sought to improve: communication and efficiency. We know that you don’t want to chase us down for updates on your transaction. We know that you want your property settled as quickly as possible. For these reasons, we respond to your calls and emails past 5PM, on the weekends, and even on holidays. We’ve also created a system that provides you minute-by-minute updates. Give us a call and speak to our knowledgeable title staff who specialize in not just meeting your needs, but knowing them without having to ask. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!


Lexi Waechter


Kirk Waechter


Maria Alosi

Maria A

Chief Operating Officer

I have been working with Prosperity for a little over a year. As Chief Operating Officer, I oversee a variety of daily functions and all of our staff. You may have seen me at closings, as I am also one of our regular closers and notaries. I am excited about our new expansion into our Bucks County office, which I will be overseeing. Outside of the office, you will most likely find me traveling, at the gym or in jiu-jitsu class, or enjoying a good glass of bourbon. Salud.

Angelina M

Senior Processor

I have been with Prosperity Abstract for 3 years. I started as a Title Intake Specialist and am now the Senior Processor. I love working in real estate and enjoy the "detective work" I do even more! When I am not at the office, I am spending time with my three daughters.

Beverly W

Transaction Coordinator

At Prosperity Abstract, I'm the transaction coordinator who handles a little bit of everything in the office. But outside of Prosperity, I'm just a bowler with a mean curve.

Kelliann D

Title Specialist

I've been with Prosperity for over 2.5 years.  As title examiner, I review searches to determine what needs to be done in order for the new owner (or lender) to have clear title, consult with our underwriters, and step in to help our processors resolve the trickier title issues. Outside the office, you can find me curled up with a book, cup of tea, and my cat, listening to heavy metal, opera, darksynth, or some combination thereof.

Aaron C

Transaction Coordinator

I have been working here for almost 4 years. Mainly involved in Payoffs Management and Issuing Policies. Outside of work, I like mountain hiking and going to the gym.

Noah C

Title Processor

I currently work for Prosperity Abstract as a Processor in a lender support role, assisting them with their wide variety of needs. This capitalizes on my past 2+ years of professional experiences; as after graduating from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Arts in History, I have worked both for and with mortgage lenders in a wide variety of support roles. After 8 hours of starting at a screen for work, I also spend my free time doing this, but for fun instead!

Dana C

Title Intake Specialist

I have been with Prosperity Abstract for just about a year. I am in charge of answering everyone's phone calls, starting your title orders and requesting all the necessary items to clear. Outside of work, I am an avid 8 and 9 ball player and devoted dog person!

Tessa M

Title Intake Specialist

I've been with Prosperity Abstract for a little over a year and a half as a Title Intake Specialist. Along with my fellow Intake specialists, I handle all front end communication and assist buyers, sellers, and agents through the title process. In my free time I enjoy exploring, reading, and spending time with my massive dog.

Barb M

Title Processor

I obtain payoffs to clear title and contact underwriters for LOI to clear any discrepancies and conditions that are found on title. Outside of work you will catch me on the beach, hanging out with family and friends!

Jordan F

Executive Assistant

I've worked at prosperity for about 8 months. I handle deed package, closing docs and anything else you may need help with. Outside of work you can find me traveling, thrifting, at brunch with my friends or hanging out with my cat.